Logan’s Final Ride

Logan gives the audience a bleak world where the X-men have been wiped out. Their stories and legends have been reduced to comic books, of which Wolverine believes distort the truth. The look of the film certainly builds on this idea, along with the production and set design.

There is little exposition (which is a good thing). Instead, the film drops the audience right into the world. I’m not even going to start on the timeline mess because it gets way too confusing, and honestly this film stands on its own two legs.

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The film has some solid performances. Both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give one last hooray as Wolverine and Professor X respectively. The most impressive aspect being how they were able to show us new sides to these familiar characters. Newcomer Dafne Keen is destined for stardom. She delivers a terrific performance as Laura and is one of the best child actresses I’ve seen in a long time. The rest of the supporting cast were good as well.

This is not your usual super hero film either. This film is bloody and brutal. We all knew going in that this film was going to have fun with its R rating, but I was not expecting the extent of the violence. They really go all out with this one.

This has to be one of the bloodiest super hero films to ever grace the screen and is a perfect way to show off what the Wolverine character can do. But the violence is not without impact. The violence is not there for fun and games. The audience feels the effects of the violence on the world and the characters within.

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This film also has a great tonal balance. It keeps the drama and action at reasonable levels, with the emphasis being on the drama. Again, this is not your usual super hero film. It is based in character more than plot, which was refreshing to see.

It wears its Western influence on its sleeve. In fact there is a direct reference to the classic Western picture Shane. Professor X and Laura watch Shane in a hotel room. Laura later recites Shane’s famous lines from the end of the film. Here is a link to the scene if you’re not familiar with it:

No one is trying to destroy the world here. In fact the film argues that humans already did it themselves. Instead of a big baddie with lackluster motivation and character development attempting to destroy the world, the stakes are more personal. They were important to these characters, which has much more of an impact for me because it affects the people we care about.

I grew up with the X-men movies, so it was sad to see an end to Wolverine and his story line. I felt this film was a fitting conclusion and a great tribute to the character though. It is a gut punch of emotions. I can’t count the number of teary eyed fanboys that were leaving the theater… but I know I was one of them.

Written by William David Glenn IV



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